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 Storage Tips
  Here are some helpful tips to make your experience with Cloverleaf Storage more beneficial...

  Enclosed Units
  • Cloverleaf Storage provides a lock as a gift with the first month's rent, these locks can only be closed with the key inserted so locking the keys in the unit is not an issue.
  • longer units make contents more accessible.
  • storing wooden furniture up off a concrete floor prevents damage to the finish.
  • place rarely used items in the back of the unit.
  • cardboard boxes can only handle so much weight, always place them on level surfaces with heavier contents toward the bottom.
  • remember that wood and wood by-products, such as cardboard, can attract moisture and start to form mold.  It is best to store items in plastic totes for long term storage.
  ATTENTION!!!         DANGER!!!           WARNING!!!
   The following items are NOT to be stored within the units...
  • Human or animal remains Preserved mounts exempt
  • All types of food (human or animal feed)
  • All animal bedding 
  • Any type of fuel (gasoline, diesel, propane, natural gas, etc)     Vehicles exempt
  • Toxic Chemicals (paints, strippers, solvents, etc)                                                                                             
   The following practices are NOT to take place within the units...
  • The units are NOT to be used as living quarters 
  • Any form of business or work