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 Enclosed Storage Units
Unit Sizes and Vaccancy
Outdoor Parking
Size Availability and Pricing
At Cloverleaf Storage, we provide both indoor storage as well as outdoor parking.
Descriptions and prices of the different units and parking are listed below...
Outdoor parking spaces are perfect for storing vehicles, trailers, boats, and RVs, that would have otherwise taken up valuable space in your driveway. Our gated facility along with 24 hour surveillance provides security and protection for your vehicle. The MAXIMUM size for outdoor spaces is 13x35ft. 
Size                  Price (Sales tax included)                     Size                 Price (Sales tax included)
10 x 10             $60 per month                                     10 x 25             $95 per month
10 x 15             $71 per month                                     10 x 30             $110 per month
10 x 20             $82 per month                                     10 x 40             $150 per month

Parking            $40 per month
Enclosed storage units have a nominal width of 10 ft, and vary in length from 10 to 40 ft. All doors are 8ft. 8 in. wide and 7ft. tall. The ceiling is insulated to reduce condensation. All units have a stepped concrete entrance to prevent water from entering the unit, but does not interfere with using a handtruck or other moving devices. 
   DATE                                   TIME             UNIT NUMBER       SIZE            TENANT

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